The mesocentre in Aix-Marseille Université has been created in 2012, giving researchers and other academics access to high performance computing facilities. Its inauguration, in May 2013, has acknowledged the need for an ongoing and common effort aimed at putting together manpower and resources required when large scale parallel computing is important for research activities.

Principal missions are:

  • Assist the development and improvement of scientific softwares, eg porting to larger national or European computing centers
  • Give access to HPC resources for medium-size computations, at a scale larger than what is commonly available in research teams or local institutes
  • Group HPC resources, hence limiting the costs associated with hosting, cooling, etc.
  • Promote scientific computing towards SMEs, thanks to the HPC-PME initiative.

Access to the mésocentre resources is based on the principle of free access for the higher education and research community. In the specific case of a funded scientific project (ANR, Europe, etc.) and benefiting from a specific line of credit for access to technological platforms, it is possible to obtain a quote for an access service and allocation.

Interested private companies can also obtain such a paying access and should contact the head of Centre de Calcul Intensif d’Aix-Marseille for further details.

The financial entries serve as a priority for the development of pooled resources, for the benefit of the community.

Dernière mise à jour : 1 June 2021 mesocentre-techn@univ-amu.fr

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