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Welcome to the Aix-Marseille University mésocentre! You will find all the information you need to obtain access to and to use the high performance computing resources operated by Centre de Calcul Intensif d’Aix-Marseille.


Publications and communications which have benefited of mésocentre resources should contain : « Centre de Calcul Intensif d’Aix-Marseille is acknowledged for granting access to its high performance computing resources. »

Recent publications :


Benseghier, Zeyd; Luu, Li-Hua; Cuellar, Pablo; Bonelli, Stephane; Philippe, Pierre

On the erosion of cohesive granular soils by a submerged jet: a numerical approach Journal Article

In: GRANULAR MATTER, vol. 25, no. 1, 2023, ISSN: 1434-5021.

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Lemasquerier, D.; Favier, B.; Bars, M. Le

Zonal jets experiments in the gas giants' zonostrophic regime Journal Article

In: Icarus, vol. 390, pp. 115292, 2023.

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Chachanidze, Revaz; Xie, Kaili; Lyu, Jinming; Jaeger, Marc; Leonetti, Marc

Breakups of Chitosan microcapsules in extensional flow Journal Article

In: JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE, vol. 629, no. A, pp. 445-454, 2023, ISSN: 0021-9797.

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Xia, Ming; Record, Marie-Christine; Boulet, Pascal

Investigation of PbSnTeSe High-Entropy Thermoelectric Alloy: A DFT Approach Journal Article

In: MATERIALS, vol. 16, no. 1, 2023.

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