User disk space

At mésocentre cluster there are three disk space locations attributed to a user:

  • /home/login_name or “home directory”. This directory is mounted by NFS and it shared across all the nodes of mésocentre cluster but it does not adapted for high performance computing. The directory has a disk quota (maximum available size) of 500Gb per a user.
  • /tmp. This directory is local to a node and can not be accessed from other nodes. The size of this directory is 100Gb on a SSD disk, therefore it can be used as a temporary storage. This location should be used in case your calculation does not produce a lot of data. Be aware that the files stored in this directory can be erased at any moment for cleaning purposes.
  • /scratch/login_name. This location is dedicated for the high performance computing and connected to storage system (BeeGFS) by dedicated high performance network. The total capacity of this storage system is 535TB. The storage system has a disk quota (maximum available size) of 9TB per a user.

For your convenience here is the list of nodes which are directly connected to scratch storage space via fast network(omnipath): skylake[001-112] et gpu[004-012].

To access the data situated at the old cluster from the new login nodes, a user can use two mounting points called /scratchw and /homew which are pointing to /scratch and /home directories on the old cluster.

The users of mésocentre are solely responsible for storage, backup and archiving of their data. The mésocentre is not responsible for any data loss caused by any means.

Dernière mise à jour : 19 September 2018

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