Since January 2018, the AMU multimodality mesocentre is run by members of the Aix-Marseille Intensive Computing Center (Centre de Calcul Intensif d’Aix-Marseille, CCIAM).

Director: Nicolas Ferré – Professor AMU (Institut de Chimie Radicalaire)

Technical staff:

  • Annie Clement – Research Engineer, Technical Manager of Physical Infrastructure
  • Matvey Sapunov – Research Engineer, Technical Manager of Software Infrastructure

They are responsible for ensuring the proper functioning and evolution of the facilities of the mesocenter. They facilitate the access and the use of the calculation means and produce technical documents and indicators of use. To contact the technical team of the mesocenter, please send a message to or by phone +33 4 13 55 12 15/55 03 33.

Scientific commitee

This committee provides animation and promotion to the academic community of the activities of the mesocentre and oversees its scientific evolution. He is regularly asked to evaluate the scientific projects proposed for allocation to the mesocenter. It is consulted by the management of the CCIAM for any major change in the missions and resources of the AMU multimodality mesocentre.

It will be renewed in the fall of 2018. A call for applications will be posted on the mesocenter mailing list.

Technical commitee

Including the technical managers of the CCIAM as well as technical representatives of AMU research units involved in AMU’s multimodality mesocentre activities, the members of this committee are in charge of examining the technical, software and hardware needs, and proposing evolutions to improve the services rendered.

User commitee

This committee provides the interface between users of the AMU multimodality mesocentre and the technical and scientific committees.

Organizers :

  • Marc Medale – polytech
  • Aymeric Lamorlette – M2P2

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HPCboost Scientific Committee

Consult the space dedicated to the high-performance computing platform for numerical simulations “Risks, Safety, Security”

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+33 (0)4 13 55 12 15 / 55 03 33

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