How to connect to the mésocentre

After your project registration and approval, an email with the login details such as your login name and password will be sent to you. Please note that the user accounts are personal and non-transferable! It means that you can not land your login and password to another person.

If you don’t have a project yet, please visit a webpage Appel à projet. If you forgot your login or password, contact us!

The login servers are the entry gates to mésocentre. The address is and you can access it via a secure protocol SSH by a standard port 22.

SSH connection from GNU/Linux or Mac OS:

SSH tools are installed by default and you can connect to the login server from terminal window using following command:

$ ssh's password:  
Creating directory '/home/login_name.' 

The message Creating directory ‘/home/user’ displayed on your first login indicates that your home directory has just been created and you will not see this message again.

SSH connection from Windows:

You have to install an SSH client like Putty or cygwin. Be careful, the multiple compromised version of these programs are available for downloading on various websites. So, make sure that you download your SSH client directly from the official website.

If you have an error while connecting with Putty client, like “SSH2_MSG_UNIMPLEMENTED packet error with PuTTY”, please, follow the instruction published at this webpage.

On your first login you should change your password using the following command: passwd. This command should be used on login servers only. The minimal length of the new password is 12 characters. In the near future the password connection will be blocked. So, please, follow this tutorial to setup a password less connection using SSH keys.

On the login nodes you can store or/and compile all your libraries and executable. BUT it’s strictly forbidden to use the login nodes for the calculations! Please, follow this tutorial to get informed about SLURM job scheduling system and how to perform your calculations at the mésocentre.

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