Data transfer

The data transfer between the login nodes and an external computer could be performed using following commands: scp, sftp, rsync. Due to heavy network traffic on the login nodes, you should consider to run any data transfer which would take more then 30 minutes directly from a computational node. To run an interactive job which lasts 12 hours on one CPU core, please type :

$ srun -p westmere -t 12:00:00 –pty bash -i

This interactive shell allows you to run any remote transfer activity for 12 hours.

Obviously, you can perform any data transfer activity from a batch script as well.

The mésocentre takes no responsibility for user’s data and any damage which might occur to it. Despite of data storage architecture involving redundant array of disks and other features of RAID technology, reducing the chances of data loss, there could be problems of any kind. Therefore we are strongly encourage you to make a periodical copy of all important data to your local disk or any other storage medium.

Dernière mise à jour : 19 September 2018

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